Radical Gastronomy is a blog about growing, cooking, and eating the best food I possibly can.   My name is Robert Baxley.  I started cooking in 1983, and spent 22 years in the hotel and restaurant business.  After opperating my own restaurant for 12 years, I left the trade, but continued to cook, and reaserch food, and food issues.  In 2016, after farming in our sub-urban back yard for a few years, my amazing wife Barbara and I moved to a 5 acre farm in eastern Colorado.  Owning a farm is something we chose out of a sort of gourmet fetishism, really.  If you want to eat well (I mean REALLY well) you must start with the soil! 


Join us as we build our farm from a pile of sand into a regenerative permaculture system.  I have been teaching butchering, food preservation, cooking, and natural building for years, and love sharing the skills I have developed over my adventures.  I'm so glad you are coming along for the ride!